Our company develops unique architecture of buildings. People come to us for ideas, creativity and innovative solutions. We specialize in art objects and integration of interior, exterior, architecture. You can really try everything with us. Any creative idea created in synergy with the customer takes its form.

MAX FABRIQUE presents an example of an approved project for a 900 sq.m. mansion. created for a famous Hollywood actor called "Babylon For Johnny D."

The house with a unique spherical architecture was created with an increased attention to detail. On the roof is a spherical owner's office that rotates 360 degrees. For fruitful creative work. There is a lot of light in the mansion due to the numerous spatial glazing. The house itself is designed in the style of futurism with the addition of hi-tech.

Turning to MAX FABRIQUE you get a well-thought-out project, high-quality implementation and an affordable budget. We have developed our own comprehensive project development methodology. This allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of producing any projects without compromising quality.

#maxfabrique architect
#maxfabrique architect