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VIRTUAL 3D table

Our company creates a unique service for our customers.


We strive to introduce new technologies from the field of multi-media to achieve maximum interactivity. Developing each design project, we recreate it in virtual reality. And with the help of our new product "3D Virtual Table", each of our clients is able to take a virtual walk through their future space. Moreover, with the help of passive 3D glasses and a touch screen of a virtual table ( diagonal from 32" to 55"), everyone can see and interact with the architecture in volume. Moreover, work with editing 3d graphics directly on the work surface. The table fully supports a wireless connection, and if desired, it can have a built-in computer based on the Android operating system on board. On the table, you can view and edit any 3D objects and even entire individual zones (if you work with drawings) Special attention should be paid to the opportunities for engineers and a team of workers who work at the facility. They also have the opportunity to use virtual reality to consider in detail the nuances of a particular design project and working documentation. This in turn reduces the risk of errors during construction. It is enough to place one such table on the construction site in the staff meeting room.

Especially for the interactive demonstration of design projects, we have implemented our own virtual reality graphics software (3IXAM).

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